White Ice - CZAR CX 15000 Vape


Immerse yourself in the crisp, clean taste of cool mint with a sugary finish using the CZAR CX 15000 Disposable Vape in White Ice flavor.

This state-of-the-art CZARx vape delivers an exceptional vaping experience, boasting an impressive 15,000 puff capacity that ensures long-lasting enjoyment without the need for frequent replacements.

The innovative dual mesh coil technology enhances flavor extraction, allowing you to savor the refreshing, invigorating taste that cleanses the palate and leaves a lingering coolness with every satisfying puff. The CZAR Vape's adjustable airflow enables you to customize your draw, while the ultra screen display provides convenient access to real-time information about your e-liquid levels and battery life.

Explore the diverse range of czar vape flavors like the fruity Grapple Ice or the intense Iceberg, and indulge in the brisk, minty delight of White Ice. With its outstanding performance, user-friendly features, and invigorating flavor profile, the CZAR CX 15000 Disposable Vape is perfect for vapers who love their vape with a crisp, cool, and sugary twist.


CZAR CX 15000 Vape Specs:

  • Puff Count: Up to 15,000 puffs
  • E-Liquid: Pre-filled premium nicotine e-liquid
  • Coil Technology: Dual mesh coil for enhanced flavor and clouds
  • Display: Ultra Screen Technology for tailored vaping experiences
  • Charging: Type-C port for easy recharging
  • Airflow: Adjustable controls for customized draws
  • Activation: Draw-activated firing mechanism

CZAR CX 15000 Vape Flavors:

    • Alaskan Mint
    • Berry Rainbow
    • Black Ice
    • Blueberry Watermelon
    • Blue Razz Ice
    • Cherry Lemon
    • Colada Ice
    • Fuji Apple Ice
    • Graham Swirl
    • Grapple Ice
    • Iceberg
    • Peach Ice
    • Strawberry Banana
    • Watermelon Ice
    • White Ice


    CZAR CX 15000 Vape Package Includes:

    • 1x CZAR CX 15000 Disposable Vape

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