VIHO Turbo 10000 Vape - Banana Icy


Looking for a vape that delivers on flavor and convenience? The new VIHO Turbo 10000 is here to shake things up. This slick little device packs a punch with its 10000 puff capacity and powerful USB-C charging. We're talking marathon vaping with zero hassle.

But it's the flavors that really make the VIHO Turbo 10000 stand out. We're talking options like juicy Strawberry Cheese Cake, refreshing Watermelon Bubble Gum, and exotic Passion Fruit Icy. With 16 mouthwatering flavors to choose from, your tastebuds will be throwing a party.

The VIHO Turbo 10000 makes vaping a breeze. Its compact size fits perfectly in your pocket or bag. The handy LED battery indicator lets you know when it's time to recharge. And with the adjustable airflow, you're in total control of your vaping experience.

When it comes to value, you can't beat the VIHO Turbo 100000. Grab a 10-pack bundle and you'll be set for weeks. Take your vaping game up a notch with bold flavors and serious convenience. The VIHO Turbo 10000 is calling your name.

VIHO Turbo 10000 Details:

  • Size: 18mL
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Coil: Dual Nexcore Mesh Coil
  • Puff Count: 10000+ Puffs
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • Battery Capacity: 620mAh
  • Flavors: 47 Available Flavors

VIHO Turbo 10000 Flavors:

  • Banana Icy (White)
  • Blue Pom Orange (Galaxy)
  • Blue Power (Black&Gold)
  • Blue Razz Icy (Galaxy)
  • Cactus Lime (Chrome)
  • Cherry Berry (Chrome)
  • Cherry Cola (Satin)
  • Cherry Lemon (Black&Gold)
  • Coconut Pineapple (Black&Gold)
  • Cool Mint (Chrome)
  • Dragon Fruit Berries (Satin)
  • Dragon Fruit Watermelon (Satin)
  • Frozen Tundra (Chrome)
  • Glacier Oreo (Galaxy)
  • Glazed Donut (Galaxy)
  • Grape Bubble Gum (Satin)
  • Grape Ice (Chrome)
  • LA Mint (White)
  • Lemon Mint (White)
  • Mango Icy (White)
  • Mango Peach Watermelon (Black&Gold)
  • Mighty Mint (Satin)
  • Passion Fruit Icy (White)
  • Peach Icy (White)
  • Peach Lemon (Satin)
  • Peppermint Cream (Black&Gold)
  • Pineapple Ice (Chrome)
  • Popping Candy (Galaxy)
  • Rainbow POP (Midnight)
  • Raspberry Watermelon (Chrome)
  • Sex on the Beach (Satin)
  • Sour Apple Icy (White)
  • Sour Raspberry Bubble Gum (Satin)
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake (Chrome)
  • Strawberry Ice (Midnight)
  • Strawberry Kiwi (Chrome)
  • Strawberry Raspberry (Satin)
  • Strawmelon Icy (White)
  • Tobacco (White)
  • Triple Berries (Satin)
  • Tropical Melon (Black&Gold)
  • Unicorn (Galaxy)
  • Watermelon Berries (Midnight)
  • Watermelon Bubble Gum (Black&Gold)
  • Watermelon Cactus Jack (Black&Gold)
  • Watermelon Icy (White)
  • White Gummy (Chrome)

Package Includes:    

  • 1x VIHO Turbo 10000 Vape

Customer Reviews

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Anna Torres
Banana Icy Vape

Love that I can have this delivered to my home and get it all the year round. This is so hard to get where I live because this flavor is considered a summer flavor and the tobacco store doesn’t want to sell this. Thank you for having this for me!!!!