Fume Recharge 5000 Review - Fume Disposable Vape

The Rechargeable Revolution - Fume Recharge 5000

Aug 18, 2023JAVIER DEL PINO0 comments

Revolutionary Rechargeability

The game-changing Fume Recharge 5000 brings a built-in rechargeable 650mAh battery to disposable vaping. Now you can conveniently repower your vape via any USB-C port instead of being stuck with short-lived disposables. Just plug in and keep your puffs flowing anytime, anywhere.


Maximum Longevity

With an impressive 5000 puff capacity and generous 13mL e-liquid reservoir, the Recharge 5000 is made to last. No more frustrating disposables running out too quickly. This is next-level, high-capacity vaping at your fingertips.

Smooth Flavor Galore The Recharge 5000 comes pre-filled with your choice of 24 mouthwatering nic salt flavors. From fruity blends like Strawberry Kiwi to rich tobaccos, minty menthols, and sweet desserts, there’s a smooth 5% nic option to suit every taste.


Advanced Performance

Integrated mesh coils ramp up vapor production and flavor intensity for an optimal vaping experience. Designed to satisfy both cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike. This rechargeable wonder makes every puff a breeze.


The Future is Here

Ditch the hassle of short-lived disposables and experience the convenience that only the revolutionary Fume Recharge 5000 can deliver. Get your hands on the future of high-capacity, rechargeable vaping today at VapeCityUSA.com.

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