Exploring the Revolution of Vaping with the SMOK Spaceman 10K Disposable

Exploring the Revolution of Vaping with the SMOK Spaceman 10K Disposable

Nov 08, 2023JAVIER DEL PINO0 comments

In the fast-paced world of vaping, innovation remains at the forefront of delivering an unparalleled experience to users. One such innovation that has taken the vaping community by storm is the Spaceman 10K Disposable, a creation from the renowned brand SMOK. This disposable vape offers an impressive 10,000 puffs, a variety of delectable flavors, and an array of remarkable features, setting a new standard in the world of disposable e-cigarettes.


A Deep Dive into Specifications

To fully understand the Spaceman 10K Disposable's impact, let's explore its key specifications:

    • Max Puffs: 10,000
    • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)
    • Prefilled Capacity: 16mL
    • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
    • Charging Port: USB Type-C
    • Operation: Draw-Activation
    • Coil: 0.7ohm Meshed Coil
    • Adjustable Airflow Switch
    • SMART Screen
    • E-Liquid Status Indicator
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • Designed by SMOK


Max Puffs: 10K (10,000)

The Spaceman 10K Disposable stands out with its extraordinary 10,000-puff capacity. This remarkable feature ensures uninterrupted vaping for an extended period, catering to heavy vapers or those averse to frequent device replacements. Not only does it allow for long-term use, but it also proves to be an economically friendly choice, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving on expenses.


Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)

Delivering a robust nicotine hit, the 5% nicotine strength of the Spaceman 10K Pro is particularly well-suited for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping. It satisfies cravings effectively, easing the transition to a vaping lifestyle, catering to both new and seasoned users.


Prefilled Capacity: 16mL

The generous 16mL e-liquid capacity ensures a prolonged vaping experience without frequent refills. Offering double the capacity of many disposables, this feature is ideal for users seeking a device that keeps pace with their vaping habits, ensuring a consistent flavor experience from start to finish.


Battery Capacity: 800mAh

The 800mAh battery presents long-lasting power, guaranteeing the device keeps up with a day's vaping needs. The USB Type-C charging port facilitates quick and convenient recharging, eliminating concerns about a drained battery at crucial times.


Operation: Draw-Activated

The draw-activation feature simplifies vaping, requiring a mere puff to initiate the device without the need for buttons. This intuitive method suits beginners and experienced users alike, contributing to the device's sleek design.


Coil: 0.7ohm Mesh Coil

The 0.7ohm mesh coil ensures excellent flavor and vapor production, creating an ideal balance between the two. The mesh coil design optimizes heat distribution and vaporization, resulting in rich and flavorful clouds.


Adjustable Airflow Switch

Customize your vaping experience by adjusting the airflow to your preference. This feature allows for a personalized draw, catering to different user preferences.


SMART Screen, E-Liquid Status Indicator, and Battery Life Indicator

The SMART screen, along with indicators for e-liquid and battery levels, provides crucial information at a glance, ensuring a seamless and informed vaping experience.


Designed by SMOK

Being a product of SMOK, a highly reputable brand in the vaping industry, the Spaceman 10K Disposable reflects quality and reliability. SMOK's commitment to innovation is evident in this product, ensuring thorough testing and quality control.


Indulgent Flavors

The Spaceman 10K Disposable offers an enticing variety of flavors, including:

Each flavor offers a unique and delightful experience, providing an array of options for vapers seeking diverse tastes.



The Spaceman 10K Disposable emerges as a groundbreaking choice in the disposable vaping realm. With its extensive puff capacity, diverse flavors, and advanced features, it's a top-tier option for both novice and experienced users. The convenience and hassle-free experience it offers make it a testament to SMOK's dedication to innovation and quality. Bid farewell to frequent refills and recharges – welcome the era of vaping bliss with the Spaceman 10K Disposable.

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